Time to celebrate!

Time to celebrate! 30 years of Ian Abrams Architects

Ian wanted to mark the establishment of the company in October 1991, and what better way than to have a team day out?

Staff and their partners headed to Cambridge for lunch at Trinity restaurant, and enjoyed fabulous dishes, and toasted their achievements with Champagne.

“It was great fun, and another chance to think about how far we’ve come in three decades,” said Ian. “I really enjoyed everyone’s company, and I think they all enjoyed it. It’s a shame we can’t do this every week!”

It’s a very different company to the one Ian started in his sitting room, with wife Sheila making sure the secretarial work was kept up-to-date, as well as working as a typesetter and running her own company.

Sheila is still by his side, and is still involved in the company, but is delighted that Office Manager Marcia deals with day-to-day administration. She even organised a bottle of champagne for the train on the way to Cambridge!