Wicken House, Wicken Bonhunt, Essex

Wicken House is a Grade II Listed Building, constructed originally as a large country house, and converted in 1945 to a residential/educational centre by Essex County Council, who operated it for over 60 years. In 2007 the County Council sold the property and planning permission and Listed Building consent were granted for converting the property back to residential use in 2009. The house is now privately owned and work is underway to remove many of the alterations and extensions carried by the Council including the reinstatement of the original windows.

In addition to the main house planning permission for alterations and extensions were obtained for the conversion of the existing coach house to residential use. Now called ‘Rectory Stables‘ the alterations have been carried out and are shown else where on the web site.

As well as the alterations to Wicken House and Rectory Stables, a planning application was submitted for a replacement dwelling, shown below, to replace the existing 1960’s flat roofed caretaker’s house. Unfortunately, the proposals shown on the drawing were felt to be too large for the replacement dwelling, however, a slightly reduced scheme obtained planning permission.