Glyn Colan, Newport

This new 450sqm detached house in the centre of the Essex village of Newport replaced a tiny bungalow. The site is within the development limits of the village and behind a Grade II listed brick wall which fronts the main road. The site slopes steeply, so vehicle access was created from the lower side. This allowed us to make use of the differing levels: it looks like a two-storey house from the listed brick wall in the High Street, but it is a three-storey property, and this is clear when it is viewed from the back. This allows the large property to appear much smaller, and sits comfortably next to the adjoining properties, which appear to be of a similar size. A ground-source heat pump and under-floor heating complemented the extensive use of insulation used throughout the property. In addition to the main house, a three-bay detached cart shed and store were constructed on the site, forming a private courtyard at the rear.