Replacement house, Hildersham, Cambridgeshire

This four-bedroomed two-storey house will be set in the heart of the Cambridgeshire village of Hildersham. It will replace a sprawling non-descript bungalow. It comprises, entrance hall, kitchen/breakfast area, living room, study and music room on the ground floor and four bedrooms and supporting bathroom accommodation on the ground floor.

About half the house will be built in white/yellow Cambridge bricks, and the other half will have rendered walls, to reduce the appearance of bulk and make the house more attractive. There will be a selection of rise and fall as well as casement windows, all timber and all in traditional proportions. It will be topped by a steep-pitched roof finished in hand-made plain-clay tiles.

Due to poor ground conditions, piled foundations were used, and particular attention was paid to the location and level of the new house to alleviate the risk of flooding.