Over the past few years, we have been honoured to be involved in schemes to alter existing residential properties to ensure that those with physical difficulties are able to enjoy their homes as much as is possible. The needs and desires of their families and carers are, of course, of key importance, too.

The smooth running of a household can be much enhanced by the provision of suitable equipment and altered layouts. For most projects, this includes level thresholds and wide door openings for ease of use with wheelchairs, installation of lifts and hoists to provide improved circulation with the house, and the fitting of specialist sanitary and kitchen equipment to allow use by people with restricted movement. A professional finish makes a great positive difference: having additional equipment does not mean that excellence in finishes should be compromised. Externally, consideration is paid to the provision of level thresholds at external doors and ramps to access various parts of the garden. The finish and texture of the external paving is also considered carefully.

When determining the requirements for this accommodation, various specialists are consulted, including Occupational Therapists and specialist suppliers such as Taylor Dolman Ltd. It is essential the present and future requirements of the user and their family are fully understood at an early stage of the design, so the most efficient layout can be created and the correct equipment installed. In this way, we are able to provide the most practical and pleasant accommodation, and, where possible, future-proof the accommodation to avoid further alterations and expense, and to allow an easy and smooth transition if further physical issues are possible or expected.

Follow this link for a few examples of residential projects with which we are proud to have been involved.