Residential development, Pound Close, Braughing, Herts

The site lies to the north-west side of the Hertfordshire village of Braughing, on the corner of Gravelly Lane and Green End. The site is set within the village development limits and falls from the west towards the eastern boundary. Planning permission was granted in September 2010 for the erection of fifteen detached and semi-detached dwellings. The houses are informally laid out around the site and reflect the distribution of houses that contribute to the character of the village. The houses are finished with a rich pallet of local materials and details including; steeply pitched roofs, finished with clay plain tiles and pan-tiles, external walls are finished with facing brickwork, white painted timber boarding and render. Open timber framed entrance porches, chimney stacks and open bay cart sheds are used throughout the development. The development was completed in July 2013.